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Entry doors are important for many reasons: they keep your home secure, boost your home’s curb appeal and keep your home cool by preventing unwanted heat from getting in. if you see the following signs, you should start planning for new entry doors.

Homeowners often consider switching to a different window style as upgrades: a picture window here for a better view or perhaps a bay or bow window for additional space. The humble double hung window remains a staple of most homes because of its many benefits. In fact, if you have double hung windows that are up for replacement, the following are reasons why you might want to stick to the same style:

Homeowners often choose picture windows because they're the best windows for capturing a beautiful view and creating a visual connection between their indoor and outdoor spaces. A picture window's utter simplicity eliminates other functionalities you might need, so when considering a picture window for your home, think about the following factors.

The ability to choose the right window treatment is an underappreciated skill. Today’s replacement windows are beautiful in themselves, but the right window treatment can tie all these elements together, no matter how disparate the elements may be.

A window replacement can be quite challenging for you. You may have to deal with the stress that comes with selecting the right type of window and overseeing the installation itself. Existing openings may need to be changed to accommodate pre-built, off-the-shelf units. But then, this may not suit you when you want to preserve the beauty of your home or you have a strict budget.


The home’s architectural design is one of the factors to consider when choosing replacement windows or doors. Certain popular home styles in Central Florida have their corresponding window and door types, which are important for homeowners like you to be aware of. Read on as this post talks about them in detail.

One of the reasons why many homeowners opt for quality patio doors is to ensure seamless transition between their interior and exterior. Read on as Renewal by Andersen® of Central Florida discusses a few things you can factor, aside from space, that can help you choose the right patio door design:

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