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While the entry door serves as your home’s formal entrance, your patio doors provide a gateway to your extended living spaces and a quick route into your kitchen while entertaining outdoors. When these doors become damaged or old, you may not consider replacing them at first, but keep in mind that a flawed patio door in place can have a negative effect on the appeal, energy efficiency and functionality of your home. So how do you know when it’s time for a patio door replacement? Look out for these signs:

Installing replacement windows is an exciting way to transform your home inside and out. From energy savings to boosting curb appeal, new window installation offers a myriad of benefits for your home. If you want to get creative with your selection of windows, you’re in luck.  This brief guide will help you mix and match different window styles the right way:

Spring is quickly approaching, which means Spring cleaning is around the corner. Start by cleaning up your patio doors with these five simple tips to help you get started: 1. Check the door itself It is best to check if there are parts of the door that...

As a homeowner, curb appeal is a big deal. This is your home and you want it to look its best at all times. While there are many different projects that can increase curb appeal, replacing old and broken windows is always a good place to start. In addition to redefining the look and feel of your home, they can also improve energy efficiency and save you some bucks on your monthly bills. Here’s how windows can improve curb appeal:

You might be thinking that changing a window is a piece of cake. But in reality, it is not. There are a lot of people who would rather do it themselves than find a window contractor. However, if you want to have a great window replacement, then you must avoid the following:

Your bathroom and shower areas have the highest humidity levels in your home. All the moisture that accumulates in the air needs a place to escape or you risk the growth and spread of mold on surrounding walls and around the bathtub. That's why it is important to have at least one window in your bathroom. Choosing the right option for your bathroom windows can pose a bit of a design dilemma. On one hand, you want the ultimate privacy in your bathroom, but you also want natural light and proper ventilation to prevent the room from becoming musty.

Getting a new window is exciting. But wouldn’t be more fun if you found a way to make these new windows noticeable? Lucky for you, there are different treatments that you can invest in to highlight your new windows. These include:

Many people have no problems trying to make a casement or sliding window interesting, but getting more out of your picture window can be a lot trickier. However, underneath that simple design is a lot of potential to turn a fixed glass pane into an impressive visual feature.

Windows already serve as natural light sources, a way of ventilating your room, and a form of protection against the outside elements. However, you shouldn’t forget the aesthetic potential of well-designed windows. Here are a few great tips from Renewal by Andersen® of Central Florida on how to turn your window into the focal point of a room.

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