Advantages of Fibrex - Renewal by Andersen of Florida

Advantages of Fibrex

Superior Window Frame Durability

All Renewal by Andersen® replacement window frames are made of Fibrex® – our superior composite material that is more durable than vinyl. Unlike vinyl, Fibrex® won’t expand and contract easily, thus breaking the glass seal and requiring immediate attention more often. Instead, Renewal by Andersen® replacement window frames are made to weather the Florida temperature changes while remaining narrow. In other words, you’ll reap the benefits of both enhanced frame longevity as well as optimized window visibility.

Low Maintenance

Fibrex® will never require scraping or painting, thanks to its unparalleled durability. Where many frame materials are susceptible to mold and decay — as well as fading — Fibrex® is water-resistant and capable of enduring a variety of weather conditions. Low-maintenance and long-lasting, you can officially bid the necessity of increased paint or renewal efforts goodbye. Your Florida windows will withstand the test of time when framed with Fibrex®.

Insulation from Florida Heat

Fibrex® material insulates about 700 times better than aluminum, which is on par with wood, vinyl, or fiberglass materials.1 With its superior thermal insulating properties, your Florida home will be more energy-efficient and comfortable year-round. Additionally, by combining a Fibrex® frame with the Andersen® High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, your frame isn’t the only insulating agent; rather, your entire window becomes a resource to help optimize and maintain your indoor temperature. Find the Florida difference with a Fibrex® frame!

Beautiful Replacement Windows

Thanks to the incredible strength of Fibrex®, our sash and frames can be made narrower, meaning more glass and more view. After all, Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows aren’t only designed to be functional, but to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of your home. Not only will the Fibrex® material be oriented to fit any widow shape — including that of curved specialty windows — but the overall window creation process takes into account your property’s existing shapes and lines. This way, the architectural integrity of your home is unimpeded and made to remain aesthetically cohesive.

Environmentally Responsible

We believe that a home should not have to sacrifice its environmental commitment for the sake of efficiency. This is why we use Fibrex®, which is made with 40% reclaimed wood fiber, making it a “cleaner” material than that of fiberglass or other frame options. Additionally, Renewal by Andersen® has been both recognized and lauded for its eco-friendly products. Not only do our windows meet Green Seal’s science-based environmental certification standards, but they also meet the strict energy efficiency criteria as set by the U.S. Department of Energy and recognized by ENERGY STAR®.

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