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Clearing the Air: Why You Have Foggy Windows

Clearing the Air: Why You Have Foggy Windows

Have you awoken to find your favorite early-morning view obscured by trails of dew and fog across your window?

The expanse of condensation may initially seem to be little more than a nuisance; a slight hindrance to your line of sight that will merely burn away with the continued rise of the sun.

But what we told you this seemingly-innocuous occurrence may actually point to other, larger problems?

Fog On The Interior/Exterior

When moist air comes in contact with a cold surface in a home, it may be cooled to its dew point temperature, resulting in condensation on the surface,” the U.S. Department of Energy explains. “Left unchecked, condensation can damage window frames, sills, and interior shades.”

Simply put, fog that occurs on either side of your window(s) is likely not a major concern.

If it is warmer and more humid in your home in comparison to that of the outdoor air, condensation will likely collect on the interior face of your window(s). Conversely, if it is cool inside and humid outside, it will be the exterior that collects condensation.

If anything, interior condensation does not mean there is necessarily anything wrong or broken with your windows. Rather, this may be an indication to check your HVAC system, humidity levels, and/or overall property insulation.

Fog Between Your Window Panes

If your home features double-pane windows, you may find that the fog is not occurring on one side of the glass or the other but is instead condensing inside of the window. This type of window condensation is a problem and merits further attention.

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), “a double-paned window that appears foggy or that has visible condensation has failed and needs to be repaired or replaced.”

This failure is liable to occur in that double-pane windows expand and contract regularly based on how surrounding temperatures impact the insulation gas residing between the panes. As these fluctuations occur over time, they will naturally stress out the window sealing.

Ultimately, if the condensation is left untreated and the window is not repaired in a timely manner, it will likely accumulate irreparable damage. In some cases, a window cannot be repaired and must be replaced altogether.

Clearing Up Your Options

At the end of the day, any concerns you may have regarding your windows are valid and deserving of the proper professional attention. Whether you’re facing leaks, window damage, or the failure and subsequent collapse of your double-pane windows, you’ll always want to call your locally-trusted experts — like Renewal by Andersen® of Florida!

Our team is trained and equipped to replace, repair, and upgrade your windows whenever problems arise. From inspecting deficiencies to helping you optimize your energy-efficiency and more, Renewal by Andersen® of Florida has the answers and options you deserve.

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