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Buyer Beware: The Burden of Builder-Grade Windows

Buyer Beware: The Burden of Builder-Grade Windows

Perhaps your windows are less than ten years old. Moreover, perhaps your home itself is less than ten years old.

But if that’s the case, then why, you may wonder, are you already beginning to experience trouble with energy savings and moisture around your windows? After all, if the home is new, you shouldn’t be experiencing problems with the windows yet… right?

Well, not necessarily. In the best of worlds, that would certainly be the case but, in this world, many home buyers find themselves staring through a very specific burden: their builder-grade windows.

Builder-Grade Windows: Why to Beware

Simply put, builder-grade windows are a low-grade option in comparison to that of premium or custom-made windows.

Mass-produced using less expensive materials, these windows typically feature shorter life spans than that of other windows, with some homeowners noticing defects in as little as five years.

In short, the low price tag of a builder-grade window will, in fact, translate to low durability.

Materials aside, builder-grade windows also commonly perform poorly as a result of the installation process. Installed by the home builders themselves, the lack of a professional touch may lead to cracks, leaks, or even an initial failure of the window seal(s).

Low Quality, High Bills

It may be difficult to tell with a mere glance whether or not builder-grade windows are affixed in your home. That being said, these low-quality windows only last an average of five to 10 years, meaning noticeable defects that occur within that timeframe may indicate that they are, in fact, builder-grade.

Specifically, keep an eye out for:

Additionally, builder-grade windows usually lack insulation and UV protection, thereby costing you more in energy bills and even damaging your possessions by leaving them exposed to direct sunlight. Thus, if you’ve noticed temperature fluctuations or fading furniture, it’s time for a window upgrade.

Look Up With An Upgrade

Upgrading from builder windows won’t just enhance your curbside appeal and provide you with peace of mind — it will increase the overall longevity of your home, thereby saving you money in the long run.

That’s why Renewal by Andersen® of Florida offers industry-leading products that are designed to protect your home from both the inside and outside: because you deserve better than builder-grade.

Not only do we provide energy-efficient windows that utilize High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass, but we also use Fibrex® framing to save you on maintenance costs and enhance your overall insulation. In fact, our products are recognized and lauded by ENERGY STAR®!

So, are you ready to enhance your property with excellence? Then it’s time to contact Renewal by Andersen® of Florida at (855) 830-2420. We look forward to providing you with a free consultation in addition to our award-winning windows!

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