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Defeating Dastardly Drafts & Window Leaks

Defeating Dastardly Drafts & Window Leaks

Whether a sudden chill has caught you off-guard or you’re left sweating and suspicious as heat winds its way inward, one thing is for sure: your home’s structural defenses against unwanted airflow have been breached.

And one of the most common culprits of such an incursion?

Drafty windows.

Don’t Disregard The Drafty Windows

Drafty windows are not only the cause of physical discomfort in your home or business; rather, they’re also the offender in terms of increased financial discomfort. Specifically, the more your air leaks through and around your windows, the higher your energy bill will be each month.

“In winter, poorly performing windows, doors, and skylights can create drafts by cycling air at different temperatures through your home,” as explained by the National Fenestration Rating Committee (NFRC). “In summer, they can make heating and cooling more difficult by allowing the sun to influence the temperature in the room.”

Finally, it’s important to note that existing cracks that allow airflow may also be or become large enough to let pests and other contaminants come inside, thereby making them a bigger problem in more ways than one.

Where, Oh Where Is The Window Leak?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, there are a couple of ways one might go about searching for window leaks within their own property.

For example, cracks around window frames are signs in and of themself that drafts are penetrating the structure, meaning a simple visual investigation may be helpful.

Otherwise, to find out if your window is leaking as a result of improper installation, failed sealant, or other, less visible defects, we recommend trying…:

  • Lighting a candle or incense stick. By temporarily turning off your air conditioning and slowly passing the lit item around your window frame, you’ll be able to tell where a draft exists based on where the flame flickers or the smoke is blown in another direction.
  • Using a flashlight. Have another person stand on the outside of your window as you pass the beam from the flashlight over it. If they can see the light from the other side, there is a crack.

Your Window Of Opportunity Is Here

If you are having trouble locating the source of the leaks around your window — or if you know a leak exists but have no idea where to begin in remedying the issue — it’s time to contact Renewal by Andersen® of Florida!

Not only can we help you identify and eliminate drafts as they arise, but we can also replace and or upgrade your windows entirely! After all, our team offers High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass, which is not only more energy efficient in comparison to a standard dual-pane window, but also protects against 95% of damaging UV rays!In all, drafts and leaks are a thing of the past when you call Renewal by Andersen® of Florida at (855) 830-2420. We look forward to providing you with both a FREE consultation and ultimate satisfaction!

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