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Hurricanes and Your Double-Pane: Will Your Window Weather The Storm?

Hurricanes and Your Double-Pane: Will Your Window Weather The Storm?

For now, we can relish the simple joys of breezing into the spring season.

With the arrival of warmer air and the possibility of throwing open your window to greet the turn of the temperature, it can be easy to wish this weather could last forever. But, unfortunately, summer will inevitably bring with it, its harrowing hurricanes.

And if you have double-pane windows installed — or if you were considering replacing your current windows with double-paned glass — you may be wondering how well they’ll stand up to the storm.

The Purpose Of The Double-Pane

Double-pane windows primarily serve the purpose of enhancing a property’s insulation capabilities. Thus, this type of window glazing features two glass panels, between which a layer of gas is installed in order to mitigate heat loss and/or intrusion.

Considered attractive in price and appearance, double-pane windows have seen a rise in popularity in recent years, making them an altogether common enhancement to any residential property.

That being said, while these windows may be lauded for being both beautiful and energy-efficient, that doesn’t mean they can weather a storm in the same way they can weather a change of seasons — particularly as it pertains to hurricanes.

In fact, the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) explains that “double-pane windows are not designed to withstand windborne debris and should be protected just like single-pane glass when a hurricane is threatening.”

Preventing Pain When It Comes To Double Pane

If you’re considering how best to protect or replace your current windows, the U.S. Department of Energy asserts that “installing exterior storm windows” may still be one of the most cost-effective approaches in terms of mitigating storm damage.

Otherwise, there are always other simple measures you can take as you begin to strategically consider your options.

For example, while it may be tempting to wait until the brunt of the hurricane season has passed to install your new windows, it’s generally a wise decision to go ahead and replace them beforehand if you know they simply will not be able to resist hurricane-force winds.

Additionally, be careful not to fall victim to the bevy of window myths that plague residents of stormy states, as some are not only outright false but may actually put you at further risk of being exposed to harm.

Finally, adding storm shutters prior to the onset of the hurricane season is a tried and true method for keeping both you and your property safe.

And Remember: When It Rains…

… We pour our hearts into keeping you safe. Here at Renewal by Andersen® of Florida, we are committed to providing you with only the top-rated window products available, especially as we understand the pressures Florida homeowners face in the wake of annual hurricanes.

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