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The Ins-and-Outs of Window Anatomy

The Ins-and-Outs of Window Anatomy

When it comes time to speak with the representatives of a window replacement company, some customers feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the sheer volume of window vocabulary they had not previously been aware of.

And when you’re trying to remain in control of any major home upgrades or renovations, “overwhelmed”  is probably the last thing you want to feel.

Not to worry — you’re not in this alone. We’re here to give you a headstart by providing you with information regarding the overall anatomy of the window:

The Foundation of the Frame

The window frame is precisely what one thinks of when they imagine the material border that goes around the glass, effectively embedding it into the side of the property. Frames may be constructed of a variety of materials depending on one’s preferred aesthetic and functionality, though composite frames are generally lauded for their durability.

“Composite frames are made of various materials that have been blended together through manufacturing processes to create durable, low maintenance, well-insulated windows,” Energy Star says.

And here at Renewal by Andersen® of Florida, we construct all of our windows with a revolutionary Fibrex® product — a composite material that will not crack, pit, corrode, or rot. In fact, our superior frames are twice as strong as vinyl!

Getting Greater Glazing

A window’s “glaze” refers to its embedded panes of glass, or otherwise the layers thereof, that largely determine the window’s insulation capabilities.

“Single-glazed windows have one pane of glass and typically cost less,” as explained by Efficient Windows, which is powered by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). “Double-glazed windows have two panes, and balance cost and efficiency. Triple-glazed windows use three panes and are the most efficient.”

Glazing is also often referred to in terms of panes. For example, a double-glazed window may also be referred to as a double-pane or dual-pane window.

Filling You in Regarding Gas Fills

Gas — often argon — is inserted between panes of glass to act as an inert, odorless, colorless, and overall non-toxic form of additional insulation. Argon is commonly the gas of choice based on a combination of its low price point and superior insulation capabilities in comparison to other gases, like krypton.

Here at Renewal by Andersen® of Florida, we use a custom argon blend to fill our windows so that you can rest assured that your windows will function optimally, no matter the season. What’s more, our argon blend helps to strengthen your window’s overall condensation resistance!

Make Room for Spacers

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, spacers are designed to “keep a window’s glass panes the correct distance apart to reduce heat flow and help prevent condensation.”

In other words, they’re designed to avoid fogging as well as expand and contract — or “breathe” — along with the window itself so that it does not collapse, leak, or otherwise fail.

Our team most often uses stainless steel spacers, as they will not emit gas when subjected to long periods of sunlight exposure, as with plastic. Additionally, they’re less expensive than aluminum spacers, meaning they’re both more affordable and more capable of ensuring adequate insulation.

Quality and Consistency in Coating

Window coatings, or window tints or films, are applied to the glass in order to better reflect the light and reduce heat intrusion. In effect, they’re meant to enhance the insulation and overall energy efficiency of your window(s).

Today, low-E glass has become a widely-preferred alternative to polyester films that may adhere to and warp on the glass surface when exposed to too much light and/or heat. Capable of blocking both short- and long-wave infrared light, low-E is the latest window technology that utilizes a form of passive tinting.

That’s why Renewal by Andersen® of Florida offers High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass! By blocking 95% of harmful UV rays, this state-of-the-art window technology is the perfect finish for your Floridian replacement windows.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to repair, upgrade, or replace your windows, it’s time to contact our team! Learn more today or schedule your FREE consultation by calling (855) 830-2420.

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