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Even the highest quality replacements are only as good as their installer. You’ve probably heard this before, but it still holds true as far as successful home improvements are concerned. Professional work ensures your new units are properly installed, which in turn, guarantees that they can provide the optimum performance you expect. Professional Window Replacement You’ll know your replacement project was carried out by a pro when your new windows:
  • Protect Your Home from Water Damage. This means they serve as an effective water barrier where your new units meet the wall. Because there are no gaps between the window frames and the adjacent wall, there’s less chance of water or moisture finding its way into your home and leading to hidden damage.

Most window companies offer a free, in-home consultation, giving you the perfect chance to learn anything you want to know about getting new units. At the same time, an interview provides you with a closer look at how professional and reliable your window contractor can be. Window Replacement Questions to Ask Your Contractor To make the most of your opportunity to sit down with a window expert, here are some important questions you should ask:

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