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Windows have evolved from being mere wall openings to let in air and light to one of your home’s most visible design components. That’s why, when investing in window replacement, it pays to choose units that can help your home stand out better. Bay and bow windows and other specialty windows can meet this need perfectly. Their unique design will surely draw the eyes, while adding further to your home’s architectural appeal. Here’s a quick overview:

Did you know that you choice of window style can in itself help considerably when it comes to optimizing your home’s comfort and energy efficiency? Two of the best options are double-hung and picture windows. Aside from their clean and sleek design, both windows allow for a more pleasant indoor environment, while lowering your annual energy costs. Here’s a quick rundown on these exceptional window styles:


The home’s architectural design is one of the factors to consider when choosing replacement windows or doors. Certain popular home styles in Central Florida have their corresponding window and door types, which are important for homeowners like you to be aware of. Read on as this post talks about them in detail.

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