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Multiple Floors, Multiple Windows: Should You Overhaul It All?

Multiple Floors, Multiple Windows: Should You Overhaul It All?

As you climb the stairs to the next floor of your home, your skin prickles with discomfort. The temperature has changed since you’ve climbed, and now you’re either hotter or colder than before — and not pleasantly so.

Of course, if you’ve been living in your home for a while, this may be a regular occurrence for you, therefore posing no surprise.

It does, however, beg the question: If you’re going to replace your first-floor windows, can and should you replace the windows on both floors?

Can I Replace All of My Windows at Once?

Our answer? Yes! You don’t have to limit yourself to working on one floor at a time when you are ready to replace your windows.

On the contrary, if your windows are old, cracked, or otherwise wasting your home’s energy, spending more upfront to replace them all at once will likely save you more money in the long term.

In other words, in some instances, it’s not that you “can” replace all of your windows. It’s that you should.

For example, as heat rises you’re more likely to experience heat intrusion on your second story during the spring and summer months. If you only replace your windows on the first floor, your monthly bills will still increase due to the energy consumption it will take to cool the upper floors.

How Do I Know if I Should Replace My Windows?

As mentioned earlier, we do recommend undergoing an entire window replacement project if your windows are old and/or damaged.

Not sure if yours have been crawling toward the end of their lifespan? There are some easy ways to get a clearer idea.

“Check the exterior caulking around doors and windows,” the U.S. Department of Energy recommends. “Inspect windows and doors for air leaks. See if you can rattle them, since movement means possible air leaks.”

Additionally, take a moment to check if you can see daylight around the window frame. This is another sign of cracks and leaks.

Who Can I Trust With My Home’s Windows?

Overall, the importance of your windows can not be overstated. Even the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) addresses how “when it comes to insulating your home against heat and cold, a poor-performing product is like a hole in the wall.”

Thus, no matter how many floors you’re hoping to involve in your replacement project, you can rest easy knowing that Renewal by Andersen® of Florida has the state-of-the-art window technology you need to save money and enhance your home’s comfort.

Be it for home value, hurricane protection, or simply doubling down on dastardly drafts, you deserve only the best the industry has to offer. Learn more about how we can provide that and more when you contact our team at (855) 830-2420!

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