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Shying Away from Shards and Shatter: Why Invest in Impact-Resistance?

Shying Away from Shards and Shatter: Why Invest in Impact-Resistance?

Nothing brings safety back to the front of your mind quite like the return of summer hurricanes.

From re-stocking your emergency supplies to securing an evacuation route, educating your children, and generally keeping an eye on the news, we understand that you already have plenty of storm-related thoughts weighing on your mind.

That’s why we’re here to tell you that impact-resistant windows can help to release you from some of the pressure. Here’s how:

Finding Peace Through Proper Preparation

Shatter-proof glass — widely referred to as “impact-resistant” glass — is lauded for its ability to provide enduring safety as a result of its laminated panes.

Specifically, “laminated glass is created by bonding together two or more panes of annealed glass with a thin layer of film or vinyl in between,” the Building America Solution Center (BASC) describes. “This inner layer works as an adhesive film that holds the glass together should it break or crack.”

Thus, the glass itself offers a reliable barrier between you and external threats, be they intruders, wind-borne debris, a baseball thrown off-kilter, or something else. Either way, you’ll be less like to be hurt by scattered shards.

Factoring in the Facts of Florida

According to the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH)®, it is actually “dangerous to apply masking tape, duct tape and/or window film on windows or glass doors in preparation for a hurricane because it can create larger and deadlier shards of glass when broken.”

What’s more, “hurricane shutters or impact-resistant windows are far more effective in protecting against breakage of windows,”  the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) explains.

Consequently, Floridians who are searching for new ways to fortify their home before the onset of the 2022 hurricane season will want to consider investing in impact-resistant windows for their homes and/or businesses.

After all, what better way to present shattered glass and the subsequent spread of it across your floor?

High Velocity, Hurricanes, Home Solutions

Before the spaghetti plots begin to show intersecting paths over your local area, you need to be prepared. That’s why, here at Renewal by Andersen® of Florida, we remain committed to your long-term safety!

We are now offering industry-leading Coastal Impact Windows, the likes of which are resistant to shattering. In fact, they have been tested thoroughly and therefore received certification through the Florida Product Approval program for High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ)!

Finally, not only can they withstand high impact, but they…

  • Are energy-efficient
  • Can minimize temperature-induced shrinking and expanding
  • Remain salt-water resistant
  • Feature weathertight seals to prevent water intrusion
  • Are designed with our revolutionary Fibrex® framing materials
  • And more

So, why wait to weather the storm alone when our team can help you stay dry, safe, and secure? To learn more about our Coast Impact Windows, as well as our other window replacement options, reach out to our team today!

Get started and schedule your FREE consultation with the Renewal by Andersen® of Florida team by calling (855) 830-2420.

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