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Storm Season Preparedness For Your Windows: Myth vs. Fact

Storm Season Preparedness For Your Windows: Myth vs. Fact

Most Floridians are accustomed to the routine involved in protecting their home and families for the arrival of the hurricane season.

But just as one can find a myriad of certified resources detailing the “do’s and don’ts” of hurricane preparation, one might also stumble upon any number of myths that, if followed, can put them at risk of hurricane damage.

And when it comes to your windows, it’s important to be able to tell myth from fact:


  • Myth or Fact #1: I should crack my windows so the wind pressure inside equals the pressure outside, as this prevents window damage.
    MYTH. High winds are known to be the most dangerous element of hurricanes. By opening or cracking your windows, you put your home at risk for creating an internalized pressure that is too high, which could shatter your windows, damage your roof, and cause further damage within the home itself.


  • Myth or Fact #2: Storm shutters are an ideal installment to protect my windows.
    FACT. Storm shutters are not only excellent at protecting your windows from high winds and flying debris, but they’re also permanent fixtures on your home that can be snapped into place quickly and easily in comparison to plywood coverings. This can save you time and protect your safety in the midst of an oncoming tropical system.


  • Myth or Fact #3: MYTH: I can use window film and masking tape to prevent window damage.
    MYTH. Not only is this technique proven to not be effective at protecting windows from debris and high winds, but it can function adversely in that it may cause your glass to simply shatter into larger pieces if they were to shatter at all. Instead, invest in impact-resistant glass and/or storm shutters.



  • Myth or Fact #4: I should also think small and check my windows for cracks and leaks before a storm.
    FACT. Using caulk to seal cracks and leaks not only prevents water and wind damage around your windows and home, but you should also think smaller in terms of your window’s screws. Be sure to check that all elements as they pertain to a window’s glass and frame are in place, as you don’t want the violent winds whipping around your home to be capable of loosening them further.



  • Myth or Fact #5: It is only necessary to board up my windows that are facing bodies of water.
    MYTH. As seen annually with ever-changing spaghetti plots, hurricanes and tropical cyclones can be unpredictable in their paths. As they spin and change course on a dime, no windows around your house are safer than others, and all should be protected equally, no matter which direction they face.


We understand that knowing how best to protect or replace your windows in the midst of the storm season can be a source of concern for some. That’s why Renewal by Andersen® of Florida is here to help you determine the best type of window for your home!

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