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Springing Forward With Your Window Project

Springing Forward With Your Window Project

As you enter the spring season, there are undoubtedly many ways you may think about blooming and blossoming into a more rejuvenated state of mind.

From trying a new hobby to indulging fully in the annual spring cleaning ritual, let’s face it: “renewal” is a key word when it comes to the turn of the season.

Thus, what better way to embrace it fully than to pursue your home renovations projects? After all, spring just may be the best time of year to replace your windows, and here’s why… 

Mitigating Moisture And Mildew

In Florida, there is seldom a reprieve from the near-constant humidity of the state. During spring, however, you’re far more likely to bask in the balmy weather without the oppressive moisture of summer, meaning you and your window replacement projects are far less likely to run the risk of introducing mold and mildew into your home or around window and door frames.

Additionally, while fall is another more moderate season in terms of moisture and temperature, the autumnal months typically see a higher rainfall average, whereas spring heralds in drier, sunnier days that are apt to keep you and your family both comfortable and dry.

Taking Temperature Into Account

In the same vein as the aforementioned, the temperature in spring skews pleasantly mild and temperate, meaning you’ll be safer completing a window installation during these months. Whether you dread the frigid windchill of winter or you sweat over the harrowing heatwaves of summer, spring presents the perfect opportunity to avoid both extremes while adequately shielding yourself from direct sunlight.

Additionally, during spring, you’re far less likely to run into other outdoor pests seeking shelter from the volatile elements. As the season remains relatively placid, so too will the unwanted critters lurking about in the grass, standing water, or other nearby areas.

Time Flies When You See Success

It’s easy to feel as though the days are shorter after you push your clock forward by an hour again, but what if we told you that the spring and summer months actually see longer days? With more sunshine in your average 24-hour window, you’ll typically have more time to complete a project, meaning the overall duration of the replacement process should be shorter.

Additionally, with a certified team of experts on your side, you can trust that your windows will be custom-crafted and expediently installed, no matter the season of your project. That’s why Renewal by Andersen® of Florida offers its year-round services to homeowners seeking state-of-the-art window replacement — because we believe you deserve unparalleled commitment to superior products and durability.

We’re proud to be Florida’s premier destination for window and door replacements since 1996. Find out for yourself how we can help you install cutting-edge products and technology today by contacting us at (855) 830-2420 and scheduling your FREE consultation!

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