Got Glazing Questions? We’ve Got Your Top 3 Answers. - Renewal by Andersen of Florida

Got Glazing Questions? We’ve Got Your Top 3 Answers.

Got Glazing Questions? We’ve Got Your Top 3 Answers.

Come time to rejuvenate your home by way of renewed windows, you just might get lost in the weeds of window terminology.

“The sash? The jambs? The casing?” You find yourself wondering. “What does it all mean?”

Don’t worry — before you become victim to home improvement overwhelm, we’re here to answer some of your priority window questions… starting with the glazing.

#1 – What Is Window Glazing?

Simply put, a window “glaze” actually refers to the glass itself that is embedded within the window.

Thus, in asking yourself what glazing is best for your home, you’re actually going to be looking for how individual types of window glass are designed.

“In most windows the most important decision regarding energy efficiency is the selection of the glazing,” as broken down by the U.S. Department of Energy. “Based on various window design factors such as window orientation, climate, building design, etc., you may even want to choose different types of glazing for different windows throughout your home.”

In some cases, if a homeowner is unsatisfied with the strength of their window glazing, they may turn to window tints to help optimize the window’s overall energy efficiency.

#2 – What Are My Glazing Options?

Most commonly, windows have either single or double glazing depending on the age of the building.

While older buildings typically feature single-pane windows and thus have weaker insulative properties, newer buildings are constructed with double or even triple-pane glaze to improve their strength.

“Relative to all other glazing options, single-glazed with clear glass allows the highest transfer of energy … while permitting the highest daylight transmission,” the Efficient Windows Collaborative explains.”A typical clear, double-glazed unit has two lites of glass with the inner and outer layers of glass both being clear and separated by an air gap.”

That being said, if you’re looking for the strongest protection against energy loss, heat intrusion, and sun protection, we encourage you to consider Low-E glazing.

Low-E windows are apt to block both short-wave infrared light and long-wave infrared light, as well as prevent indoor heat from escaping. Thus, it is the most advanced and energy-efficient of the three.

#3 – Why Renewal by Andersen?

According to the ​​National Fenestration Rating Commission (NFRC), “there have been significant technological developments over the last 10 years involving low emissivity (Low-E) coatings on the glass.”

And what if we told you that Renewal by Andersen of Florida® offered such a revolutionary home product?

Specifically, our High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass is…

  • 70% more efficient in summer compared to ordinary dual-pane glass
  • Capable of blocking the Florida heat without obstructing  natural daylight
  • Lauded for its ability to protect from 95% of harmful UV rays, thereby saving your indoor property from sun-related damage

What’s more, our products are framed with durable, state-of-the-art Fibrex® material, as well as installed with an industry-leading warranty!

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to optimize your home’s windows, reach out to Renewal by Andersen of Florida® today to get your FREE quote! Simply dial (855) 830-2420 to get started.

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