Exploring and Appreciating Custom Windows

All About Custom Windows

All About Custom Windows

Geometric windows are popular, and for good reason. But change is good, and if your home’s architectural style provides enough wiggle room to introduce oddly shaped units, consider mixing them with the usual rectangles and squares.

At Renewal by Andersen of Florida, we offer custom windows where 15 different shape options, including custom and combination options, allow for nearly limitless creativity. 


Our gently curved and half-round windows make for excellent transoms. They add a unique touch to any ordinary-looking unit, lending them more drama and interest. If you want to turn a garden-variety casement into a focal point, crowning it with a fixed, arched unit can instantly make it a showstopper.

Moreover, full-circle windows, or portholes, can stand alone. Their lack of corners allow them to fit into any space, bringing personality to an otherwise characterless wall.


Triangular replacement windows usually make a fitting top to a glass wall reaching the peak of a pitched roof. They can also be small enough to inject life to a lonely, unutilized pediment. Beyond increasing curb appeal, they can provide prolonged daylighting and render privacy a non-concern when set  them up high.


A pentagonal unit is a neat alternative to a picture window topped by a pointy transom. It provides the same functionality except it has unbroken glass. Like portholes, hexagonal and octagonal windows can thrive on their own. If you like to frame nature in the most artistic way possible, either of the two is a clever choice.

Stand Out

As with our casement, bay, bow, picture, sliding and double-hung window systems, our custom units are customizable. 

We are the number one provider of window and patio door replacement services in Florida. Meet with a Renewal by Andersen of Florida design consultant to talk about your ideas, and begin your window replacement project. Give us a call at (407) 362-9993, or fill out our contact form to request a free consultation with one of our skilled design consultants.

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