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All About Impact Windows: Tampa Hurricane Season

All About Impact Windows: Tampa Hurricane Season

Tampa’s beauty is undeniable — with its sun-soaked beaches and lively culture. Yet, living on Florida’s coast also means bracing for hurricane season. One of the primary lines of defense against these fierce storms? Your home’s windows. 

Traditional windows can be vulnerable, but Renewal by Andersen® of Florida offers a robust solution: coastal impact windows. Built to withstand high winds and flying debris, these windows are a game-changer for Tampa homeowners during hurricane season. 

Bracing for Impact: Tampa Storm Season 

According to the National Weather Service (NOAA), “The official Atlantic Basin (including the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico) Hurricane Season runs from June 1 through November 30,” and additionally, “Each year on average, the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico will see about 10 named storms (including hurricanes and tropical storms), six of which will be hurricanes.”

With the emergence of this year’s hurricane season also comes potential damage to homes. From tropical storms to highly-destructive hurricanes, windows are a prime target for being at-risk. 

Protection With Coastal Impact Windows

Storm or impact windows are windows specifically designed to withstand high-velocity winds that come with extreme weather conditions. 

For Tampa residents living along the West coast of Florida, the impacts of high wind speeds can be devastating — especially for your home. That’s why it is important to ensure the durability of your home’s window before a hurricane forms! 

Renewal by Andersen® of Florida’s coastal impact windows can be the difference between destruction and top-tier protection! 

Our impact windows: 

  • Feature watertight seals
  • Feature our signature Fibrex® frames for durability 
  • Boast industry-leading thermal performance 
  • Are High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ) certified 

Be prepared for whatever is blown your way with coastal impact windows from Renewal by Andersen® of Florida. 

The Solution To A Resistant Window

In a city where storms are par for the course, equipping your home with the best defense is paramount. And that starts with well-equipped windows! 

Renewal by Andersen® of Florida isn’t just another window installer — we specialize in providing Tampa residents with top-tier impact windows tailored to their unique challenges. Our team’s dedication to quality, combined with deep local knowledge, ensures that you’re not just getting a window, but a shield against the elements. 

Are you ready to upgrade your windows for top-tier hurricane protection? Then it’s time to contact Renewal by Andersen® of Florida! Call our team today at 855-830-2420 to get started on your journey to a better window. 


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