Answering Your Top 3 Questions on Coastal Impact Windows — Your Ultimate Protection this Storm Season - Renewal by Andersen of Florida

Answering Your Top 3 Questions on Coastal Impact Windows — Your Ultimate Protection this Storm Season

Answering Your Top 3 Questions on Coastal Impact Windows — Your Ultimate Protection this Storm Season

The hurricane season is a time of year that homeowners in Florida anticipate with worry and fear. Wind and rain can cause extensive damage, destroy homes, and ruin lives.

Therefore, it is essential to prepare well for the season. Installing coastal impact windows is the best solution to protect your home, family, and property.

In this blog, we’ll explore what coastal impact windows are, how they function, and why they are the best window option for storm season in Florida.

#1 — What Are Coastal Impact Windows?

Coastal impact windows are specially designed windows constructed to withstand high-velocity winds and flying debris during intense storms.

But what truly sets these windows apart is the glass; that is, the glass layers are bonded with an interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), which prevents the glass from shattering when hit with the impact of objects.

What’s more, the coastal impact windows offered by Renewal by Andersen® of Florida feature…

  • Weathertight seals
  • Durable Fibrex® frames
  • Industry-leading thermal performance
  • Revolutionary elements that minimize both shrinking and expanding
  • And more!

#2 — Why Are Coastal Impact Windows Ideal for Florida Homeowners?

The State of Florida is particularly prone to devastating storms during the hurricane season. Thus, as a homeowner, you need to invest in high-quality hurricane protection for your home.

This is especially important throughout the late summer and early fall months as, according to Florida State University’s Climate Center, “The peak of hurricane season occurs between mid-August and late October, when the waters in the equatorial Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico have warmed enough to help support the development of tropical waves.”

That being said, coastal impact windows can do more than simply keep you safe.

They also provide long-term thermal insulation, noise reduction, and protection from UV rays. They increase your home’s energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal, too, due to their sleek design and low maintenance requirements.

#3 — How Do You Find Coastal Impact Windows That Are Right For Your Home?

Choosing the best windows for your home’s protection against storms is critical, and you need to consult with professionals who can help you determine if coastal impact windows are the right option for your home’s needs.

That’s why, here at Renewal by Andersen® of Florida, we are committed to offering top-notch products that offer long-term protection to the residents and businesses across the Sunshine State.

As a testament to our commitment, we present our own coastal impact windows, which have undergone rigorous testing and received certification through the Florida Product Approval program for High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ).

So, are you ready to strengthen your home from the inside out?

To learn more about our coastal impact windows — as well as our other window replacement options — reach out to our team today! We look forward to helping you weather the storm with confidence after your FREE consultation with Renewal by Andersen® of Florida.

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