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Upgrading Your Windows: Can You Just Do The First Floor?

Upgrading Your Windows: Can You Just Do The First Floor?

If you’re a homeowner contemplating window upgrades, you’ve probably considered a lot of factors, from aesthetics to energy efficiency. But have you ever thought about upgrading only the windows on the first floor of your home?

While it may sound unusual, focusing your window upgrades on the first floor alone has its advantages, along with a few drawbacks. Whether it’s for budget considerations, security enhancements, or improving the street view of your home, choosing to replace only your first-floor windows can be a worthwhile investment!

Why Would You Just Do The First Floor? 

When you make the decision to upgrade your home’s windows, you might automatically assume to upgrade all of them. But only upgrading your home’s first floor windows is also a great option! 

Homeowners may prefer this option for the following reasons: 

  • Budget-Friendly: Focusing on the first floor allows homeowners to spread out the costs of window replacement.
  • Curb Appeal: First-floor windows are often the most visible from the street. Upgrading them can significantly improve the home’s overall appearance.
  • Security: Ground-level windows are generally more accessible and therefore more prone to break-ins. Upgrading these can enhance home security.
  • Energy Efficiency: Older, drafty windows on the first floor can be a significant source of heat loss. Upgrading them can contribute to energy savings.
  • Ease of Installation: Working on the first floor often means less complexity in installation, reducing labor time and costs.
  • Resale Value: Improved windows on the first floor can boost the home’s market value.

On the other hand, what are the cons of only upgrading first floor windows? Here are some points that highlight the potential downsides:

  • Inconsistent Aesthetics: With only the first-floor windows upgraded, the home’s appearance could be inconsistent.
  • Partial Energy Savings: Upgrading only the first-floor windows might not offer the full energy-saving benefits that a whole-home upgrade would provide.
  • Variable Installation Quality: If you plan to upgrade the rest of the windows later, there’s no guarantee that the quality of workmanship or materials will remain consistent.
  • Deferred Maintenance: Older windows on other floors will continue to age, potentially requiring more immediate maintenance or repairs.

Upgrade Your Windows With RBA

Whether you decide to upgrade your whole home’s windows or just the first floor, Renewal by Andersen® is here for you. From our top-tier selection of specialty windows to our seamless professional installation process, the choice is clear! 

Our team’s dedication to quality, combined with deep local knowledge, ensures that you’re not just getting a window, but a product of high-standard craftsmanship. 

Are you ready to upgrade your windows? Then it’s time to contact Renewal by Andersen®! Call our team today at 855-830-2420 to get started on your journey to a better window. 

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