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Protecting Your Windows During High Wind Speeds

Protecting Your Windows During High Wind Speeds

Hurricane season is no longer looming in front of us; rather, it’s officially arrived.

And most residents here are aware of how high-speed winds can be a real threat to your home’s windows. In fact, it’s something that every Floridian homeowner should consider, especially while living in areas prone to destructive hurricanes or other extreme weather events.

And if you’re looking to brave the storm better than ever before, we’re here to help you optimize your windows…

Understanding Unruly Wind Speeds

Before we dive into how high wind speeds can impact windows, it’s important to understand what wind speeds actually are and how they are measured.

Specifically, wind speeds are measured in miles per hour (mph) or kilometers per hour (km/h). When the wind speed reaches between 39-73 mph or 63-117 km/h, it is considered to be a tropical storm, according to the National Weather Service. And when wind speeds reach over 74 mph or 119 km/h, it is classified officially as a hurricane.

Thus, in Florida, it’s crucial to know you’re investing in windows that are specifically designed to withstand these hurricane-force winds.

Wind and Your Windows 101

Hurricane-level wind speeds are enough to rip off roofs, uproot trees, and damage otherwise stable structures. Consequently, windows with low-quality frames or glass panes may be especially vulnerable during a severe wind event. The wind can cause the window frames to weaken or even break, resulting in shattered or cracked glass.

Luckily, there are things you can do as a homeowner to minimize the damage caused by high wind speeds. One of the most important things is to make sure that your windows are made of impact-resistant glass.

“Windows that have been tested for impact resistance are typically made of glass with an interlayer of a resilient material that will hold the glass in place when it is broken,” as explained by the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA). “This glass may be treated so that when it breaks, small pieces of glass are formed which may be less likely to have sharp edges that could tear the interlayer material.”

Reliable Resistance with Renewal

Don’t forget: It’s also essential to have your windows installed by professionals. Windows that are not installed properly can become loose or weak, making them vulnerable during a windstorm.

And if you’re looking for highly-lauded impact-resistant windows and quality installation in one place, Renewal by Andersen® of Florida is here for you!

Specifically, we offer coastal impact windows that exceed the protection offered by regular windows against storms, water damage, and other environmental factors. These windows are designed to provide optimized energy efficiency, minimize temperature-induced shrinking and expanding, be salt-water resistant, withstand water intrusion, remain durable and attractive thanks to our Fibrex® framing materials, and more.

With excellent protection from flying debris, these windows are ideal for Floridians during hurricane season, as well as year-round strong winds and heavy rains!

So, are you ready to learn more? If so, schedule a FREE consultation with our team today by contacting Renewal by Andersen® of Florida at (855) 830-2420!

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