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Pondering the Possibilities of Your Patio Door: When to Consider a Replacement

Pondering the Possibilities of Your Patio Door: When to Consider a Replacement

Your patio isn’t just another doorway — it’s the doorway between your home’s interior and the exterior space specifically designed and designated for your family’s personal enjoyment.

Thus, especially in the summer, you’re likely to be crossing that threshold with increasing frequency.

How, then, might you know when it’s time to upgrade or otherwise replace that door?

Raising Your Expectations for Energy Efficiency

“An estimated 10-25% of an average household heating and cooling bill escapes through leaks associated with windows,” the U.S. Department of Energy reports.

And as most patio doors are constructed using the same materials as a home’s windows, they can easily become a central source of heat loss, thereby increasing your monthly energy bill.

New sliding patio doors, however, can provide both the clarity of traditional patio sliders while offering enhanced energy efficiency for every season. In specific, Renewal by Andersen’s exclusive High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass is:

  • 45% more energy efficient in the winter
  • 70% more energy efficient in the summer

Not sure if your door is vulnerable to energy loss? Then we recommend inspecting it for leaks and drafts.

Finding the Functionality You Deserve

Over time, many patio doors are liable to start sticking and warping, thereby making it increasingly difficult to open and close the door. Oftentimes, this is due to either one or a combination of dirty sliding tracks, rollers in need of adjustment, or a lack of lubrication of said rollers.

While some of these issues can typically be remedied at home, one might not want to risk incurring further damage to their door(s) by improperly attempting a DIY project.

Moreover, the more bent, stuck, and disfigured the door becomes, the more necessary it becomes to simply replace the door(s) outright, so be sure to take note of how your door is functioning over time.

Additionally, should fog begin to accumulate between the panes of the door, that means the seal of the double-pane glass has collapsed, thereby leading the trapped gas to leak out and impeding the door’s ability to properly insulate. Such instances commonly require a total replacement.

Appreciating the Aesthetics of Home

Finally, one of the most simple reasons to pursue a patio door replacement is simple: You don’t like the one you already have.

Every once in a while, a home upgrade is on the horizon as you customize your home to meet both your evolving needs and tastes. And when you explore your patio door options through Renewal by Andersen® of Florida, you’ll find several different styles to suit your design preferences!

In other words, between energy efficiency, overall functionality, and style, our team is waiting in the wings to help you tackle the new home passion project that is your patio door. Contact us today by calling (855) 830-2420 to learn more or schedule a free consultation!

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