Creating Collective Confidence Along the Coast: Introducing our Coastal Impact Windows - Renewal by Andersen of Florida

Creating Collective Confidence Along the Coast: Introducing our Coastal Impact Windows

Creating Collective Confidence Along the Coast: Introducing our Coastal Impact Windows

Right now, you likely feel at ease knowing that the reality of ever-changing spaghetti plots and potential landfall areas is still some months away. But just because there are no hurricanes currently swirling about the Atlantic doesn’t mean you should necessarily push them out of your mind altogether.

After all, preparation is key when it comes time to weather the storm — and it all starts with your home safety.

Dangers, Damage, and Diligence

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), hurricanes have caused “the most death and destruction” of all weather-related disasters in U.S. history.

Thus, for residents along the East Coast and Gulf Coast — and especially for all residents of the peninsular state that is Florida — it is imperative that one’s home is equipped with the right tools and resources to remain protected against the harsh tropical cyclones.

“Storm shutters prevent windows from breaking when there is windborne debris. You can also add shatter-resistant film or stormproof high-impact glass to defend glass from breaking,” the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends. “Make sure caulking around windows and doors is in good shape and not cracked, broken, or missing.”

Additionally, as the scale of hurricanes and their subsequent damage has slowly scaled up in recent years, Florida has also scaled up its building code requirements to better ensure the state remains flexible and resilient.

Andersen’s History of Weathering the Storm

Andersen has long stood as an industry leader when it comes to engineering doors and windows that revolutionize safety. Thus, when Florida building codes were updated in 1996 following the recovery period of Hurricane Andrew — which hit the state in 1992 —- we went to work ensuring our products could further protect against hazardous wind-borne debris.

One year later, North Carolina followed suit and mandated an increase in design pressure performance for both windows and doors. Thus, Andersen introduced two new products: Perma-Shield Marroline windows and Perma-Shield gliding patio doors with DP upgrade options.

Finally, in 1999, Andersen followed up by introducing a subset of 400 Series products, now featuring monolithic impact-resistant glass in addition to higher design pressure that was certified through Miami-Dade County.

Today, customers will find that Andersen remains a leader in impact-resistant windows. For nearly 25 years, we have provided both high-quality and high-performing products that are specifically designed to meet the strict coastal building code requirements.

These products are distributed to dealers, architects, and builders alike.

Making Waves, Making an Impact

Here at Renewal by Andersen® of Florida, we remain committed to keeping our neighbors and communities safe. Thus, we offer Coastal Impact windows that have been certified through the Florida Product Approval program for High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ) and broader Florida.

Tested exhaustively and designed to withstand the harshest of weather environments, these windows are energy-efficient, durable, and capable of preventing water intrusion. They are also resistant to salt-water exposure, particularly for those who reside closer to the shoreline(s).

What’s more, our Coastal Impact windows feature…

  • A weathertight seal
  • A strong and sleek Fibrex® frame
  • Highly-lauded thermal performance
  • Innovative components that minimize both shrinking and expanding
  • And more

In short, these windows offer the ideal blend of functionality, safety, and beauty all in one, thereby ensuring you are investing in only the best for your home and family.

So, are you ready to make waves with Renewal by Andersen® of Florida? Or are you ready to optimize your home in light of the upcoming hurricane season? If so, it’s time to reach out to our team!

We offer industry-leading warranties in addition to high-performance materials that are built to weather the storm. Learn more about our innovative products and certified expertise today when you call Renewal by Andersen® of Florida at (855) 830-2420!

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