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Top 3 Ways to Stop Wasting Money on Window Treatments

Top 3 Ways to Stop Wasting Money on Window Treatments

Window treatments help make rooms more attractive while reducing the amount of heat that enters the home via the windows. While window treatments are helpful in doing that, they can be costly and might require a lot of maintenance when done incorrectly.

To help you lessen the amount of money you spend on window treatments, here are a few things you can do:

1. Use curtains instead of drapes

Curtains and drapes both block out light during the day and also lessen the amount of heat that enters through the window. Curtains, however, are not lined and are made of lighter fabric than drapes and therefore cost less than the latter.

If your windows and doors don’t receive that much sunlight during the day, consider using curtains instead of drapes. This way, you can save some money.

2. Hang curtains or drapes wider than the window frame

By mounting drapery hardware about 6 to 8 inches beyond the window frames, you will be able to hang your curtains or drapes in such a way that they can either allow more sunlight in when needed, or be able to prevent more sunlight and heat from entering.

3. Use windows or doors with low-E glass

Windows and patio doors with low-E glass are able to resist outside heat from entering your home, allowing you to spend less on drapery and cooling costs.

Glass with low-E coatings reflect infrared light away from the home and prevent indoor heat from escaping. With low-E glass, your furniture is protected from sun damage, and your interiors stay warmer during winter and cooler in the summer.

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