Rooms in Your Home Where Large Windows Can Fit In

Rooms in Your Home That are Ideal for Large Windows

Rooms in Your Home That are Ideal for Large Windows

When you have a great view of the outdoors, and your remodeling project requires window replacement, consider large, floor-to-ceiling window units. With these, you can make your home stand out even more. Depending on where you want them installed, they help create a larger and livelier space.

Rooms in Your Home That are Ideal for Large Windows

Renewal by Andersen® of Central Florida, your local window contractor, shares some ideas on where to place place them and make them work.

Living Room

This part of your home might be the biggest one of all the other areas, which is why it can be the best candidate to use fixed, oversized picture windows. It makes sense when the living room faces an outstanding view that you can frame using these large units. However, when all you see is an empty street or a row of houses, you might want to install your replacement picture windows in your upstairs rooms. Indeed, outdoor views tend to look better the higher you go.


Maximize daylighting with floor-to-ceiling windows in your bedroom. In doing so, you take advantage of the many benefits of natural light, including its importance to your sleep-wake cycles. When it comes to designing your interior with these windows, a little arrangement makes a difference. You can still admire the scenery through these windows even when you cover them with Roman shades or sheer curtains.


Floor-to-ceiling windows can work for your kitchen, as well. Creating a wall of glass helps exude an airy feel for this area of your home. These units are perfect transitions to your patio, deck or any outdoor living area, especially if it also lets you enjoy an al fresco dining experience with your family and friends.

Turn to Renewal by Andersen of Central Florida to learn more about floor-to-ceiling windows and other window replacement options. As your trusted window company in the area, we’ll guide you in picking the most suitable window style for your home and perform flawless installations so you can enjoy your new units.

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