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How to Make the Most of Your Sunny Windows

How to Make the Most of Your Sunny Windows

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Sunny replacement windows are a great feature for any home. Aside from providing ventilation, they allow a lot of natural light in, helping you illuminate your home’s interior while saving money on your monthly electric bill.

Despite being cost-effective additions to your home in more than one way, there are other advantages to a beautiful sunny replacement window:

An Early-Morning Boost

Looking for something new to start your morning right besides a cup of coffee? Sunlight causes the body to produce endorphins, which in turn gives you energy. Place a coffee table and some chairs near your sunny window to get a morning or afternoon endorphin-boost.

A bright and sunny home office

It’s difficult to read and work in the dark – and sometimes a dull yellow or white light doesn’t do much better. In fact, scientific studies show that offices with natural lighting boosts employee’s health.  Improve your health and make it easier on yourself to read those important documents, write that blog or draw up that architectural plan by investing in sunny custom windows for your home office.

The perfect reading nook

If working at home isn’t your cup of tea, opt to turn the area near a sunny window into a reading nook you and your family can enjoy.  Get a comfortable single seater where you can sit down to read, and some curtains that can help you soften the light if it’s too bright for your eyes.

What’s more, the windowsill itself can serve as the perfect bookshelf for your collection of books.

Grow some herbs

Sunny windows are the perfect spot to grow some herbs you love to use in the kitchen. Put some of your favorite herbs, like basil and oregano, in small pots then place the pots on the windowsill.

Let the Light In

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