Achieving Healthy Indoor Air Quality Through Windows

Achieving Healthy Indoor Air Quality Through Windows

Achieving Healthy Indoor Air Quality Through Windows

Your windows don’t just provide daylighting to your interior, but they also keep your home well-ventilated. Choosing the right style helps you achieve indoor comfort, as well as a lot of healthy air to breathe in. Your local replacement windows installation experts at Renewal by Andersen® of Central Florida explain the importance of improving the quality of your indoor air through these fixtures.

Achieving Healthy Indoor Air Quality Through Windows

About the Quality of Air Inside the Home

Many pollutants fill indoor air, most of which come from gases and chemicals emitted by everyday objects found at home. Add microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi to the mix and you have indoor air that puts everyone at risk of acquiring health conditions. These include allergies, illnesses that affect the respiratory tract and other short- and long-term ailments.

Various Air Pollutants

Apart from microorganisms, other pollutants present indoors can worsen the air quality. Volatile organic compounds, for instance, come from emissions from appliances and building materials. Colorless gases such as carbon monoxide can pose a threat to everyone’s well-being. Indeed, improving air quality can take a lot of work, but getting custom windows is a great idea to help achieve better indoor air that is safe to breathe.

Windows and Ventilation

Operable windows—those that can be opened and closed—are ideal fixtures if you want to ventilate your home. With these, fresh air gets pulled into your space while stale air is pushed out. It is vital that you learn which style of window works best for your home.

You can consider a double-hung window in this instance. Lift the bottom sash up to control indoor airflow. You can even open both sashes to maximize ventilation and improve air quality. Fresh air enters through the bottom opening, while musty air filled with pollutants escapes through the top.

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