3 Signs You Need To Replace Your Patio Doors

3 Signs You Need To Replace Your Patio Doors

3 Signs You Need To Replace Your Patio Doors

While the entry door serves as your home’s formal entrance, your patio doors provide a gateway to your extended living spaces and a quick route into your kitchen while entertaining outdoors. When these doors become damaged or old, you may not consider replacing them at first, but keep in mind that a flawed patio door in place can have a negative effect on the appeal, energy efficiency and functionality of your home. So how do you know when it’s time for a patio door replacement? Look out for these signs:

Physical Damage
Surface damage and deterioration on the door frames can leave your patio door looking dingy. Check if the door is chipped or showing signs of rot, or if the surface of the door is peeling or blistering. Talk to a door contractor to determine if this type of damage can be fixed with paint or refinishing. If not, get a new one.

Difficulty Operating the Door
Patio doors can become warped due to age or damage and become difficult to open or close. If your patio door sticks or makes loud noises when used, then it may be past its prime and the best course of action will be to replace it.

Moisture Within the Glass

Moisture developing within the glass panes is a clear sign that the glass of the patio door is compromised. This glass is responsible for regulating the temperature in your home by limiting thermal transfer.  A failing glass structure will only hasten the door’s eventual deterioration.

Patio Doors from Renewal by Andersen

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