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Wood vs. Steel: The Intricacies and Options for Entry Doors

Wood vs. Steel: The Intricacies and Options for Entry Doors

Let’s face it: Your front door leaves an impression.

Functioning as one of the very first details a visitor will notice about your home, your front door can set the standard for what one might expect inside. But, more importantly, it acts as the physical buffer and barrier between your home and the world beyond.

So, when keeping both durability and aesthetics in mind, you might be left wondering: Should you opt for a replacement door of wood or steel?

Working Your Way into Wood

Classic in terms of market material and home aesthetics, wooden entry doors maintain a certain reputation for being “high-end.”

“Wood frames are strong, provide good insulation, and are generally favored in historical neighborhoods,” according to Energy Star. “The exterior surfaces of many wood windows are clad (or covered) with aluminum or vinyl to reduce maintenance.”

The primary problems? Florida’s moisture and high annual rainfall volumes.

“Water from rain can seep into joints, loosening them and allowing air to enter or exit, making them less energy efficient,” as reported by HGTV. Moreover, if a door is not adequately sealed in the wake of water, the droplets may cause rot, deterioration, and even indoor mold growth.

Searching for Solutions with Steel

Accounting for nearly half of the entry door market today, steel frames are particularly lauded for their combined durability and energy efficiency.

Thus, they aren’t just attractive — they can also save you money in the long run.

“They’re relatively inexpensive and can offer the security and weather resistance of much pricier fiberglass and wood doors,” Consumer Reports explains. “Steel doors require little maintenance … They’re energy-efficient, though adding glass panels cuts their insulating value.”

That being said, steel doors are more vulnerable to scratches, dents, and other surface-level blemishes in comparison to some other materials. If not handled properly — and swiftly — scratches may also rust over time.

Functional and Flattering in Florida

No matter whether you’re stepping out for the day or finally returning home after a long day of productivity, you always want to be able to cross the threshold with confidence.

And that’s why Renewal by Andersen® of Florida offers state-of-the-art Provia Entry Doors.

Specifically, when you work with our team to reimagine the front entry of your home, you’ll have your pick of:

  • Signet® Fiberglass
  • Heritage™ Fiberglass
  • Embarq® Fiberglass
  • Legacy Steel

So, are you ready to come home to the best in durability, beauty, security, and energy efficiency? Then it’s time to contact the Renewal by Andersen® of Florida team! Call (855) 830-2420 to learn more about your premier destination for window and door replacement since 1996.

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