Highlighting the Features of Different Patio Door Materials

Highlighting the Features of Different Patio Door Materials

Highlighting the Features of Different Patio Door Materials

Patio doors on the market today are made of various materials. Most of them, in fact, combine two or more materials. For example, wooden doors may have steel interiors. Steel doors, meanwhile, could have wood exteriors. Wooden frames may also be apparent in fiberglass.

Highlighting the Features of Different Patio Door Materials

With so many choices, you may be hard-pressed to decide which one to select for your home improvement project. Before you tackle this head-on, be sure to speak to a door replacement company regarding the array of materials that make up patio doors. Learn more about them here.


A classic material found in almost any home, wood provides unmatched natural beauty to patio doors. However, it requires constant maintenance since it is susceptible to weathering. It would mean restaining or re-painting the wood panels every few years. Some doors are available in standard colors, though you can get them painted with the one you like to complement your home’s style.


Steel patio doors are made of galvanized steel with a rigid foam core. This construction gives the fixtures their strength, durability and energy efficiency. Like wood, it requires a tremendous amount of upkeep. If not repainted often, the material may suffer from scratches that may linger for longer. It is also important to handle these doors with care so as not to cause unsightly dents.


Like durable like steel and wood, this man-made material offers a clean, modern appeal to patio doors. While it is impervious to dents and doesn’t require much maintenance, fiberglass can crack under severe pressure or impact.

When you are looking for hinged French doors or sliding doors, consider those that Renewal by Andersen of Central Florida offers. Our Frenchwood® and Perma-Shield® product lines provide exceptional features, especially when it comes to materials. Our Frenchwood hinged patio doors, for instance, have exterior wood panels protected with a urethane based finished. The Perma-Shield ones, meanwhile, have rigid wood frames and panels covered with a vinyl sheet.

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