Common Sliding Patio Door Problems and Their Solutions

Common Sliding Patio Door Problems and Their Solutions

Common Sliding Patio Door Problems and Their Solutions

Sliding patio door systems are becoming more and more ubiquitous across America, for practical reasons. They save floor space, which is great for maximizing your finished real estate. Thanks to design enhancements, many products now bear the ENERGY STAR seal for minimal air leakage. Gliding units cover larger openings too, making plentiful ventilation possible, and capturing wider views. Most importantly, they have fewer moving parts, rendering them less prone to mechanical problems.

Common Sliding Patio Door Problems and Their Solutions

However, some homeowners are reluctant to choose them over the traditional hinged patio doors because of certain issues. Although such issues can be attributed to poor product choice and improper maintenance, Renewal by Andersen® of Central Florida expounds on them in today’s post:

Dirty Rollers

Dirt and debris buildup in the track can cause sliding door panels to stick. Worse, many people force them to move without actually solving the root of the problem. As a result, their rollers (the components responsible for their smooth operation) wear and fail more quickly.

Misaligned Wheels

Like trains, the wheels of sliding doors need to be in the track properly to operate effortlessly. Sometimes, though, they can jump out and become jammed. The stuck panel wouldn’t be able to open or close until you tighten the screws holding the rollers against the track, or replace those that are missing.

Broken Panes

Many things can cause glass breakage, but it usually happens with poorly sealed products. In the event of seal failure, the affected pane can shatter with constant punishment from bad weather sooner than you think.

Compromised Locks

Old-fashioned gliding door systems are notorious for poor security. They usually have simple latches, which any determined intruder could easily jimmy. It’s imperative to invest in products with a sophisticated locking mechanism. For instance, the unique reach-out lock of Renewal by Andersen gliding doors pulls the active panel tightly into the jamb.

Entrust your patio door replacement to Renewal by Andersen of Central Florida to avoid these all-too-common concerns. We offer a wide range of products featuring the best combination of details guaranteed to perform and last for a long period. Call us at (407) 512-5504 now to schedule your free, in-home consultation in Winter Park, Florida, or any neighboring FL community.

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