3 Signs You Need a New Entry Door

3 Signs You Need a New Entry Door

Entry doors are important for many reasons: they keep your home secure, boost your home’s curb appeal and keep your home cool by preventing unwanted heat from getting in. if you see the following signs, you should start planning for new entry doors.

3 Signs You Need a New Entry Door

Your Entry Door Looks Too Old

If your entry door is starting to look its age, with scratches, dents and faded finish, then you might need a new one. While restoring your entry door is certainly an option, especially if it has historical significance, the cost of doing so could be more than simply buying a new one. Solid wood doors can be repurposed as furniture or sold to collectors.

A new entry door is also an opportunity to update how your entryway looks. Entry doors are now available in a much wider color palette that suits virtually any exterior color pairing and style. Even without changing your roof and siding color, a new entry door can add a fresh look to your home.

You Feel Drafts Around the Door Area

Entry doors should have the same kind of seal around the edges as your windows and patio doors. If you feel drafts around the door area, or if it feels too warm in the summer, then your doors are allowing heat to pass through.

Having a leaky door could have a negative effect on your energy bills. When heat infiltrates your home, your air conditioning system needs to pump out more cool air to compensate. This uses up more energy, resulting in higher energy bills. Replacing the entry door improves the insulation and seals around the door, which can lead to a significant reduction in your energy consumption.

Your Entry Door Is Difficult to Open and Close

Certain materials tend to warp or crack under extreme temperatures, to the point where no amount of sanding or leveling, or even a full hardware replacement, can restore the door’s functionality. If this is the case, don’t wait until it’s impossible to get in and out your home through the front door. Simply have your front door replaced.

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