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How Energy-Efficient Windows Keep Your Home Comfortable

How Energy-Efficient Windows Keep Your Home Comfortable

Energy-efficient windows are proven to help cut down electric bills, but there’s more to them than just saving you some cash every month. Our replacement windows actually have a significant role in making your home more comfortable.

Keeping Indoor Air In

Energy-efficient windows are great at forming an airtight seal around the frames. Natural light can come in while air from inside the home doesn’t come out, allowing the HVAC to have an easier time regulating the indoor temperature. This means you get a more consistent temperature, improving overall comfort levels.

Keeping the Heat Out

While our energy-efficient windows provide plenty of natural lighting, they do a good job of keeping the heat outside. Special low-E glass panels are specially designed to cut down the amount of heat that can pass through it. Combined with our thermal-resistant Fibrex® frames, you can stay cool during summer without sacrificing natural lighting whether it’s a casement or a double hung window.

Eliminating Drafts

Keeping regulated air in is crucial for comfy indoors, but keeping unregulated air out is just as important. Air coming from window drafts can add more burden to the HVAC, forcing it to keep working overtime just to maintain temperatures at a comfortable level.

Keeping You Warm

Our energy-efficient custom windows are not just designed to keep your home cool; they also do a great job at keeping the indoors warm during the coldest times of the year. With superior insulation and thermal resistance than the alternatives, our energy-efficient windows provide the comfort you need all year round.


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