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Clear Options Made Easy: Explaining 3 Different Glass Doors

Clear Options Made Easy: Explaining 3 Different Glass Doors

As the fall season rounds the corner, you’ll be more tempted to venture outside and relish the cool breezes. After all, we’ve all been waiting for the sweet relief that comes with summer’s end in Florida.

Of course, it’s only when you step out back that you realize your patio doors need a facelift.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your home’s value from the frame to the floor of your door, here are three of your top options:

Coming Around to Contemporary Sliding Doors

If sleek and modern minimalism is your home aesthetic of choice, then contemporary sliding doors will serve to satisfy you!

With a straightforward design and wide expanse of reliable glass, you’ll reap the benefits of lasting durability, natural light, and unobstructed views with sliding doors. Additionally, in rooms that feel or look smaller than others, sliding doors will provide a newfound sense of spaciousness, thereby refreshing the overall area.

What’s more, functionality is not sacrificed for the sake of appearances.

When you work with Renewal by Andersen® of Florida, you’ll discover optimal smoothness thanks to the patio doors’ dual ball-bearing rollers and self-contained leveling adjusters. Effortless operation is within reach, as well, as the sliding panels of the door are made to glide on tandem rollers that are adjustable, self-lubricating, and utilize steel wheels.

The Tried and True Traditional French Doors

Traditional French doors offer a different, classical sense of beauty and refinement to your home. In fact, these hinged double doors were designed to swing open in order to provide you with a better view of your garden, patio, or another favorite outdoor space.

At the end of the day, French doors are all about beauty and uniformity. Crafted with multiple glass panels and a central frame by which they are connected, French doors are typically installed in pairs and were derived from the design of casement doors.

In other words, they will also enhance the brightness and spaciousness of any given room, thereby combining traditional craftsmanship with modern efficiency and technology!

Otherwise, you’ll find that they offer the following benefits:

Sliding Into Your Favorite Combo

We have to admit… there is truly no bad option between the contemporary sliding door and the traditional French door. So, if you cannot decide between the two, we have the ideal third option: Frenchwood® sliding patio doors!

By combining the smooth and sleek operation of sliding doors with the effortlessly classic aesthetic of French doors, Frenchwood® sliding patio doors are guaranteed to give you the best of both worlds.

What’s more, all of our door options come with the option to install High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, which protects from 95% of harmful UV rays and is 70% more efficient in summer compared to ordinary double and single-pane glass options!

So, are you ready to open the door to new options and opportunities?

If so, contact Renewal by Andersen® of Florida today! As your premier destination for window and door replacement since 1996, we know you’ll find total satisfaction. Dial (855) 830-2420 to find out for yourself!

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