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Tips on Turning the Attention to Your Windows

Tips on Turning the Attention to Your Windows

Windows already serve as natural light sources, a way of ventilating your room, and a form of protection against the outside elements. However, you shouldn’t forget the aesthetic potential of well-designed windows. Here are a few great tips from Renewal by Andersen® of Central Florida on how to turn your window into the focal point of a room.

Tips on Turning the Attention to Your Windows

Contrast to Your Advantage

Color plays a big role in how well a person will pay attention to a feature in your room. Use window frame colors that have a great contrast with the surrounding wall and furniture in the room. This will make your windows “pop out” visually, making them a major visual feature in the room.

Arrange Your Furniture

Sometimes, you don’t even have to modify the windows to make them stand out. For example, putting your couch directly in front of a window plus an area rug will naturally draw the eyes toward the window. You can ask a window contractor like us for advice or suggestions on how to pull this effect off given your room’s specific window needs.

Decorate the Surrounding Wall

Another great way to pull in a viewer’s eyes to the right direction is to add more visual features to the area surrounding the windows. Contrasting picture frames are easy to add, but you should also consider getting better curtains or drapes to put more visual emphasis to your windows.

Add More Function to the Window

Functional areas of a room tend to draw more attention, so why not add more utility to your window area? A window company like us can help you set up a nook by the window that you can flank with tall, narrow bookshelves, turning it into a small reading area. And the kicker? Your windows still get to perform their original function.

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