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Tips on Decorating Your Picture Windows

Tips on Decorating Your Picture Windows

Many people have no problems trying to make a casement or sliding window interesting, but getting more out of your picture window can be a lot trickier. However, underneath that simple design is a lot of potential to turn a fixed glass pane into an impressive visual feature.

Tips on Decorating Your Picture Windows

Here are a few tips from our window designing experts at Renewal by Andersen® of Central Florida that you should consider.

“Frame” It

If you want to make your picture window more interesting, the first thing you need to do is bring more attention to it. Use decorative wallpaper on the wall surrounding it to make that area of the room stand out among the rest of the interior. You may also want to change the color of the window frame to create some contrast between it and the wallpaper to make it pop out even more.

Use Drapes

Just like a casement window, there’s nothing stopping you from using drapes to make your picture window look interesting. A great way to make the picture look better is to give it the illusion of size by flanking either side of the frame with drapes and concealing its side edges, making it appear wider than it actually is.

Add Valances

Valances are like short curtains that run on the top side of a window. When adding valances, make sure the curtain rod is high enough that it still allows the picture window to allow as much natural light as possible. If done right, valances will add the illusion of extra height to the picture window (plus it will make the top edge look pretty).

Rustic Shutters for Dynamic Effect

Adding regular shutters can make picture windows look boring, but being smart about shutter design and placement does the exact opposite. Use wood shutters with a rustic “weathered” look. To add the illusion of extra width, place two shutters side-by-side instead of a single wide set. This will add a more dynamic look to your picture window while also giving you control over how much light you want to go through it.

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