The Best Window Cleaning Tool: Squeegee vs. Microfiber vs. Newspaper

The Best Window Cleaning Tool: Squeegee vs. Microfiber vs. Newspaper

Clean windows do a lot of things for a home. They allow homeowners and people inside the house to see what’s outside, they provide homeowners with a way to see what’s going on inside the house when they’re outside, and they let sunlight in to illuminate a home naturally.

The Best Window Cleaning Tool: Squeegee vs. Microfiber vs. Newspaper

Cleaning windows once or twice a year, depending on how dirty they can get, will keep them in tiptop condition and allow homeowners to enjoy these benefits. When choosing to clean windows, however, homeowners can get confused as to what tool to use.

In this article, expert window contractor Renewal by Andersen of Central Florida hopes to clear away the confusion. Is it a squeegee, a microfiber cloth or a newspaper? Let’s find out.


Squeegees are flat rubber tools used to scrape off loose dirt and excess liquid from your windows faster than paper towels and rags can. These are best used with other materials such as microfiber cloths to achieve clean, clear windows.

Those who don’t know how to use them, however, will end up spending more time and still leave streaks the moment they’re done.


Microfiber cloths are absorbent cloths that can be washed and reused to clean windows, leaving them clear, shiny and streak-free. These are best used to apply cleaning solutions to windows, scrub them clean and wipe them dry. Best of all, they are soft and pose no risk to your windows.


Long ago, homeowners out to clean their windows had newspapers as their weapon of choice. These are relatively cheap, are very absorbent and are safer to use compared to paper towels that can leave scratches with their jagged fibers.

Nowadays, however, fewer people buy newspapers for their morning news. If you’re one of those who still buy them, then it’s practical to use them to clean windows. If not, then it would be better for you to use reusable materials, such as microfiber cloths.

It’s up to you

All of these tools are effective in cleaning windows, but ultimately it’s up to you to choose what you will use. Don’t limit yourself to one; you can opt to use all of them to clean your windows and achieve best results.

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