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Hung Up On Heat Loss? Try High Quality Windows.

Hung Up On Heat Loss? Try High Quality Windows.

Tell us if this sounds familiar: The sun has gone down and, as the cool, damp night sets in, you wrap your blanket tighter around your shoulders and suppress a chill.

Realizing that the pervasive cold is permeating from the nearby window, you scooch farther down the coach in an attempt to escape it. However, as the night goes on, the warmth of your home only seeps out faster. Sighing as you think of that month’s electric bill, you reluctantly reach for the thermostat.

If this tale is one that you’ve personally experienced — particularly in the winter months — then you and your home have doubtlessly been left subject to low-quality windows and subsequent heat loss.

A Question of Quality

To put it simply, the quality of your window can absolutely impact and exacerbate your property’s heat loss.

This is because “windows typically occupy about 15 to 20 percent of the surface area of the walls. Windows not only add aesthetic looks and often a very important aspect of a home, but also a very significant component of home heating and cooling costs,” Pennsylvania State University explains. “Windows lose more heat per square foot of area in winter and gain more heat in summer than any other surface in the home.”

For example, builder-grade windows — which only last about five to ten years on average before they need to be replaced — are low-quality windows that are often built into a new home in order to save money on the overall construction cost of the property.

Thus, once a new homeowner moves in, it becomes their responsibility to ultimately install quality windows that better accommodate the property, their bills, and their overall comfort.

Seeking Certified Alternatives

If you’ve already fallen victim to the rise of heating costs as winter crawls ever closer, you may want to consider your options now rather than later.

“You have two broad options if you hope to reduce the amount of energy lost through your windows and improve the comfort of your home,” the U.S. Department of Energy affirms. “Update your existing windows to improve efficiency [or] replace your windows.”

Specifically, we recommend that you seek out windows that are rated by Energy Star and are labeled with specifications according to the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

Such window labels will detail the following, all of which may impact heat loss:

  • U-Factor
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
  • Visible Transmittance
  • Air Leakage

The Window Into Your Future

Regardless of whether you’re having trouble discerning the quality of your current windows or you simply don’t know where to start in searching for a quality replacement, Renewal by Andersen® of Florida has got you covered!

Not only do we offer FREE consultations to our customers, but we also guarantee white-glove customer service, the nation’s leading window warranty, and the utilization of the best products currently available on the market.

So, are you ready to open the window to a more energy-efficient future? Then contact Renewal by Andersen® of Florida today by calling (855) 830-2420!

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