Different Window Styles for Every Need – Part 1 Energy Efficiency: Double-Hung and Picture

Different Window Styles for Every Need – Part 1 Energy Efficiency: Double-Hung and Picture

Did you know that you choice of window style can in itself help considerably when it comes to optimizing your home’s comfort and energy efficiency? Two of the best options are double-hung and picture windows. Aside from their clean and sleek design, both windows allow for a more pleasant indoor environment, while lowering your annual energy costs. Here’s a quick rundown on these exceptional window styles:

Part 1 Energy Efficiency: Double-Hung and Picture


Probably the most recognizable style of window units available today, clean and simple double-hung windows come with two sashes that slide vertically. Unlike single-hung units, both of these sashes are operable–a feature you’ll soon find invaluable when it comes to cooling your home naturally. When you open both top and bottom sashes at the same time, double-hung windows allow access to greater natural ventilation. Warm, stale air is expelled via the top sash, while cooler, healthier air comes into your space through the bottom.

By cooling your home naturally, double-hung windows help reduce load on your air conditioning system, especially during summer. This means you get to enjoy significant energy savings. Because these windows also improve indoor air quality, there’s less potential for excessive moisture, which not only helps prevent mold growth, but reduces other accompanying health risks.

What are the other benefits of double-hung windows? Their versatility makes these windows a great choice, regardless of your home’s architectural style. In fact, double-hung windows rarely look out of place. You can have them installed in most of your rooms and they’ll provide you with the superior natural ventilation you expect. Their glass area is also sufficient enough to let in plenty of sunshine, which can help with your daylighting needs.


A staple in Contemporary and Modern homes, picture windows come with slim frames and expansive glass. They are also fixed, which may seem like a downside, but it’s precisely why keep a more durable, airtight seal. This prevents outside air from leaking into your home and costly energy from leaking out. You can maintain a consistent indoor temperature while keeping your utility bills to a minimum.

What are the other benefits of picture windows? If you’re fortunate enough to own a home with a magnificent view, then picture windows are the way to go. Their thin frames and expansive glass can help maximize your home’s viewing area. They also have fewer parts to break, which means fewer potential repair and maintenance costs.

When choosing your double-hung and casement units, make sure to hire a reliable window contractor for the job. Proper installation, after all, ensures your new windows can provide the smooth, reliable performance expected of them.


Stay tuned for the second installment of our three-part blog, where we’ll take a closer look at how bay and bow and specialty windows help your home make a bigger impression from the curb.

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